Captain Steve is sought after world-wide for his fishing wisdom. Steve has been a licensed captain for nearly 40 years and is very well known. His knowledge is proven with more than 40 years experience on the Great Lakes. Capt. Steve has studied and knows the habits of all types of game fish and how they react under varying conditions. It’s this knowledge and skill that separates Steve from other captains! There are so many stories of great fishing adventures and great catches. We decided to reach out to one of our loyal clients to ask them about their experiences fishing with Captain Steve.

Mike is a long time client and has enjoyed many trips on our boats.

Tell us about your fishing experience and how long you have been fishing with Captain Steve?

I am 69 years old and have been fishing since I could walk growing up in Montana. Since then I have had the good fortune to fish in many places around the world. I have been fishing with Capt. Steve for 14 years

Are there any stories that stand out or experiences you have had with Captain Steve that you could share with us?

I have had so many great fishing experiences with Captain Steve, so it is not possible to pick one single best trip as every trip has its own events. Most days are full of great fishing. On those rare really hard days to get a bite we grind it out to be successful.

Tell us what you like about fishing with Captain Steve?

Fish Predator is a great choice, because they have very good boats, mates, and always run professionally and smoothly. I would highly recommend Fish Predator, because Lake St. Claire is one of the greatest fisheries in the world and Capt. Steve Jones is a top guide and Charter captain.

If you could use one or two words to describe your experience, what would they be? Comfortable and exciting fun.

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