Maybe it’s time to explore new waters, connect with friends or visit your favorite
fishing locations. This fall promises to bring great Musky fishing at Lake St. Clair.
Anglers from all over North America head to Lake St. Clair in the fall, because the
lake is full of big Musky. Due to the plentiful baitfish, as well as high densities of
perch, walleye, sunfish, bass and pike, the Musky have a very good forage base.
Each year Musky in excess of 30 lbs are regularly caught, although the average
Musky is 10-15 lbs.

Fishing for Musky on Lake St. Clair is a great adventure. One of the most exciting
freshwater game fish, Musky are very popular and this body of water is known for
some of the best Musky fishing in the world!

The Musky really enjoy the shallow waters of the lake, and due to the sheer numbers of them,

fishing for Musky on Lake St. Clair is a great location this fall.

Most anglers use summer to go out and reel in some trophy fish. And it only gets
better in fall! You’ll be able to sink your line and catch a big Musky all the way into

Head out at any other time of the year, and you’re bound to catch a
regular-sized one. September and October are the best time of year to catch the
biggest Musky.

We take our guests to the hottest Musky spots imaginable where giant Musky over
50-inches are caught on a regular basis. Most Muskie caught are in the 36 to
45-inch range. It’s not uncommon to run into hunting packs and get double or even
triple-headers. If this sounds amazing to you, call or email us for bookings. Spaces
are limited!!!