Fish Lake St. Clair, Detroit River & Lake Michigan aboard the PredatorĀ®. Captain Steve Jones has built the finest charter service available anywhere! Enjoy the best freshwater fishing in the world. Daily walleye and bass limits, phenomenal musky action, salmon – big and powerful. This is truly the fisherman’s paradise!

Captain Steve Jones pioneered many of the Lake St Clair musky techniques used today. The most productive method for catching musky on Lake St. Clair is to troll large crank baits, spinners, and plugs off planer boards and directly behind the boat in the foam and prop wash while maintaining a fairly quick pace of up to 5mph. In the past, dedicated Lake St. Clair musky fisherman spent hour upon hour sitting in a motorboat watching the rods for a strike. It wasn’t uncommon to only average one strike for every fifteen hours of trolling. In recent years Lake St Clair has exploded with big numbers and big fish. In fact, Captain Steve Jones averaged over 10 Muskies Per Day, including over 100 Master Angler fish in 2012! His best day on the water in 2012? 37 landed with 46 hookups! Often Captain Steve has produced over a dozen in just one day of fishing. Capt. Steve Jones is considered one of the premier Musky guides in the country and is sought after worldwide. You may have seen Captain Steve in In-Fisherman or on In-Fisherman’s Musky Doctor video and almost any popular fishing publication and in newspapers and TV Shows across the country.