Muskie season usually ends mid December, although new regulations allow for a year-round catch-and-release activity on Lake St. Clair, we are getting everything ready for the best Spring Salmon season at Lake Huron and Trophy Walleye on the Detroit River.

Winter is coming and the long nights and cold days can be hard on casting efforts. Although sometimes these fisheries produce their great share of mid- to upper-40-inch fish up, we estimate that the 2021 Spring Salmon season will be the best yet!

Salmon arrives from unmapped oceanic routes we don’t fully comprehend. They travel thousands of ocean miles in search of a few square feet of river gravel. These fish are the essence of river life.

Did you know that as the salmon enter freshwater they change color? They have lightening and darkening special cells that control pigmentation. Ocean salmon have metallic blue backs and silvery underbodies that function as natural reflectors to protect them from sea predators. But swimming upriver, their alchemical skins begin to change, shimmering silvers blending into a wash of blues and pinks.

Come and join us starting April 1st! Book your charter today or get a Gift Certificate available for the 2021 season to use whenever you want!