How to learn to fish with this technique

What is English fishing and what are its origins?

English fishing is nothing more than a style of reel coup fishing. It is a modality where white fish of considerable size are obtained. In particular, it is a type of sport fishing, carried out with great style. With this, you can get species with considerable ease if we make a comparison with other arts. It is a modality practiced mainly by people who are engaged in carp fishing. It can be done in all weather conditions, both in the sea and in rivers, lakes, reservoirs.

We have two ways of English fishing:

On one side is the fixed float assembly, where the connection to the east can be made on its ring or with a swivel. This type is practiced in shallow areas. On the other hand, there is the assembly with a continuous float, for which a knot is placed that creates a kind of stop that can be moved on the line to adjust the depth that interests us at all times. This type of mounting is used in areas of greater depth. With it, it is also avoided that the cast has an excess of a line that remains hanging and unused, becoming even inconvenient.

The technique to follow:

  1. The cast should be overhead, in the direction of 12 o’clock, creating an angle of inclination, between 75 and 85 degrees.
  2. It must be done with a lot of energy and accompanying the entire movement in full.
  3. While the line is in the air, touches are applied to the spool that has the reel, so that the line stretches and thus remains completely smooth in the water.

If we follow these steps correctly, the bite will be assured and will occur in a relatively short time. As you can see, it is a simple technique; to practice!


The bait you use must be sticky. For example, we tend to use the English Gooster very well, which if mixed with live worms has a greater effect.