The rapid reproduction of mussels in Lake St. Clair is considered one of the main reasons why the lake is so much clearer and clean than other lakes near by. The clearness of the water allows for a deeper penetration of sunlight into the depths, feeding the weed and increasing it’s growth up to 500* percent or so. This are perfect conditions for the Musky population to habit and greatly increases it’s reproduction rates.

Why do we find some large and fat Muskies on Lake St. Clair?

In the Mid-2000’s there was a virus that hit the lake killing the weakest of the species. As time went by, the healthy fish became inmune to the virus, leaving only the biggest and strongest of them to reproduce. By the late 2000’s the virus had run it’s course only to leave a healthy and gigantic population of fish for us to catch!

It’s safe to say that Lake St. Clair holds the epitome of gigantic Muksy fishing! Be sure to come and try for yourself some of the best fishing you’ll ever do!